Master, concept development

A good idea can mean victory; a striking example of this was the Trojan Horse. All thriving companies, brands and products - Apple, McDonald’s, light bulbs and cars - are based on one good idea. For our client Schoenfabriek Wed. J.P. van Bommel, vOSCH The Brand Guide came up with the idea to launch the brand Floris van Bommel. And it turned out to be very successful indeed. As far as communication is concerned, it also comes down to a single good idea. After all, variations between today's products are fractional; in the end everything can be copied. Therefore, it is the brand itself and the complementing communication which make all the difference! Effectiveness and tangible results can be achieved by "functional creativity and design which fully support the idea". When you communicate creatively within the concept, your target group will understand and recognize your brand. Many brands keep presenting their brand identity in a different manner every time. This approach enhances brand-camouflage: the consumer hardly recognizes the message or misses it completely. vOSCH The Brand Guide prides itself in achieving creativity within the brand concept so that communication can be realized along thematic lines. This ensures that the communication message is recognized straight away, leading in turn to ultimate brand appreciation.