vOSCH is an active member of NIMA, the principal platform for professional marketeers in the Netherlands. NIMA is a bustling association, run by marketeers for their fellow members. NIMA motivates, coaches and professionalizes marketeers who are involved in marketing and communication. In this respect entrepreneurship, creativity and inspiration each play an essential role. For vOSCH The Brand Guide NIMA represents a meeting point for discussing the latest developments and exchanging thoughts with fellow marketing and communication professionals. This entails that vOSCH is always up to speed with current market movements and in a position of sharing this insight with their clients. NOTE: in 2007 vOSCH was nominated for the NIMA Annual Marketing Award 2007 with the Floris van Bommel brand alongside seven other brands such as Rabobank, Philips, Unilever and Albert Heijn.

ADCN (Art Directors Club Nederland)

The main goal of the ADCN is to increase the degree of transparency and improve/maintain the creative level of creativity within commercial communication and related disciplines. The members of the ADCN belong to the top-class of the Dutch advertising scene. Each year, ADCN presents the Annual Advertising Award and vOSCH The Brand Guide measures up to the best in the business every time. The vOSCH creative team regularly participate in the courses organized by ADCN.

GVR/De kennisconnectie

vOSCH The Brand Guide is an active member of GVR/De kennisconnectie (Society for Advertising). This society was established in Amsterdam in 1927. It is now the main knowledge center for all agencies in marketing communication wishing to stay informed on the newest branch-related developments. Making for the interchange of knowledge about new trends and tendencies, vOSCH organized a number of seminars with regard to Neuro Advertising. Being an expert on this topic, vOSCH was approached to share their in-depth knowledge.